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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Only Tina Louis Is Alive 

Friday, March 19, 2021

Beach Balls. Com Is Hiring Models That Live In Tampa, Florida Or North Of The City For $100.00 A Day

Beach Balls. Com Is Hiring Models In Florida Or North Of The City

    Young girls who meet their qualifications on  will get $100.00 a day;

for two one hour photo shoots. You get paid; as

follows: $40.00 X 2 photo shoots = $80.00 + $20.00

reimbursement to drive yourself there= $100.00.

Yes, you must pay your way for this modeling job.

 Go to

    Look on the lower left corner: " Models Wanted Tampa

Florida Area" !

    You are required to: bring your own swimsuit!

    Wear a bright colorful swimsuit! This will work

    better; with all those colorful beachballs.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Woman What Did You Need More Than A Man? A Lacy Bra With No Underwire

Woman What Do You Need More Than A Man? 
               A Lacy Bra With No Underwire
      Woman I might be a man, but when I seen 
 this site of beautiful bras; I immediately had
 thought of you by clicking my link above it
 will take you to their website to buy your bras
 for less than $50.00 with no underwire. 
       You get a $120.00 bra for $47.95 a 60%
 savings when you join. But it gets better, Two
 are for $87.90, three are for $117.90, and four
 Lacy Bras are $137.00. 
       The colors are black, beige, rose, grey, and
 red that pop out to curve your body.
       The sizes are 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48,

 and 50.
       The cup sizes are: A, B, C, D, DD.
       Here are pictures of these beautiful Lacy
       Ladies quit hurting yourself and get into
your own Lacy Bras. Make yourself happy
because these are perfect for beast feeding
your babies. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Warning! Bubbly Belle Heal Ball Is Blood Red!

Warning! Bubbly Belle 
Heal Ball Is Blood Red
   I was doing surveys
and you have to buy 
trial product of this
site Bubbly Belle.
You spin a wheel it
has rings you can 
win. I selected the
foaming bubble
Heal . It's was to be
light purple and
yellow. It wasn't
but Blood Red!
   See, I had no more 
regular soap. So I had
used in my sink. Oops!
These are only to be
used for your bath
  Well, I took off the
plastic and you have
large foaming soap
ball. I noticed as I was
using this Blood Red
Ball, it looked like I
had Blood Dripping
Into My Sink!  I had
Blood Drops That Had
Stained My Counter In
My Bathroom. I was to
contact the company, 
but, I held off, until I
notice they sent another
one. I then had warned
them; they could be in
a lawsuit; if someone had
a heart condition. It could
give them a Heart Attack!
I told Pamela take this very
Seriously! You could be in a
Lawsuit; if someone dies
from this! Bubbly Belle's 
phone is: 1-855-713-0382
  If you bought the Heal
Ball, asked for exchange; or
have your money refunded!

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Buy This Five Layer Mask To Protect You From The Coronavirus

      The mask is five layers in a
cool design with filters and also 
respirator with a bridge for 
people who wear eye glasses. It's
black with shell like cool holes
for respirator that make you

look very cool. Mine cost $11.99
plus tax and free shipping. It will
come between late May and mid
June. However, if you rush them
they will cost over $40.00. 
       I'm sure I took pictures and
will keep trying. But wait. I have
the picture on Facebook. Just look
for all my copyrighted articles of
the coronavirus used to save lives.
I asked for it in writing a month 
ago and they said yes. Free of 
charges  if i'm using them to 
save lives with the copyrighted
       The mask is five layers of
filters, made from cotton and can
be washed and wore over again. 
       Go buy some splash googles
at a auto parts store or your own
favorite hardware store and look
        One doctor was concern you
get it through your eyes. If you
have splash googles on you are
covered.   Customx