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Friday, October 15, 2021

Belinda Carlisle's Lay Down Your Arms Is A Masterpiece

Belinda Carlisle's Lay Down Your Arms Is A Masterpiece  

   Remember, Gilligan's Island, where they found;

suit full cases; of clothes, to act up in; and everyone,

was involved; which they had; very much fun; in 

doing that.

   Belinda Carlisle, with three woman,  who had

fun with this song. It was a old cops and robbers;

like, in the old west; but you could tell; she enjoyed it.


    The story ends; in a double cross; by  the woman.

    The police, get tied  up with ropes; and Belinda;

takes off, with the cute; robber, but Belinda, asks,                                                                                 

where's the money? The robber, has it under; a rock,

who pulls it out; and gives it to Belinda.

     I think, Belinda Carlisle, loved doing this  video.

     Note, The quality, isn't, that great; but two were 

 pulled; and I found this one; this morning.


Saturday, October 9, 2021

True Facts Of The United Postal October 1, 2021 Move

      True Facts Of The United States Postal October 1, 2021 Move

        Many of you, have never, seen the heart; of  this, very

    federal building, but I have; yet you believe; so-called

   journalist; full of lies; which, are one sided stories; with

   half truths. 

        No sharing any of the secrets; because people, count

    on this; for their jobs; and other family members; who

    work here.

        First, hasn't, United States Postal Service; tried to keep;

   the shipping prices as low; as they possibly can?

        We live in the 21 century; and inflation; was been with us;

   for decades.

        So why, are you listen to journalist's, who don't, have the

    full story? 

        I'm taking you; to my conversation;  with USPS Carrier; Ed,

     on October 1, 2021. 

        After talking to Ed; a USPS carrier. He told me,

    the full truth; about this matter. After this post; I will reveal;

    how quick, the mail came; after October 1, 2021. 

       Many have heard, The United States Parcel Service; would

    be, 30% slower, starting, October 1, 2021. Is this true? (Read!)

       I read three posts; and the first one; was full of misspelled


       The other two; were just as the first; but with half truths.

       While shopping at Safeway Grocery Market; I seen, a USPS

    employee, of USPS. I shared, my concerns with him; and he,

    set the matters straight.

        Ed, is a respectable employee; of USPS, as a postal carrier.

        The articles said; they were going to all trucks; yet after

    talking to Ed; he said;" people are trying to sullying our


        He did explained; " yes, they are trying to do everything by

    trucks; but they still use, some airmail".

        When I talked about; important checks, delivered to your

    mail boxes; Ed said, he still uses checks; which might mean; he

    pays his mortgage payments, rent or even utilities; or a other;


        He even explained; they help UPS; get their mail delivered.

        So, Ed said;" stay with USPS; over UPS, since they're,

     more reasonable, then UPS.

        Now, if you pay online; they have 50% off; but I check;

     overseas; especially in foreign countries.

        Everything related from USPS; is from Ed; anything, not

    mentioned by Ed; is from me.

        Did this October 1, 2021; idea, to moving to all trucks 

    work? Yes. I paid, for all my items; on October 1, 2021.

        I went, and paid for ten items; on eBay; after getting

    home; after 5:00 PM, and about two hours or more; finding,

    choice items. 

        Here's the results; 1 items came; October 4, 2021. They,

    were combine shipping; as one.

    Then, four large boxes came: October 6, 2021. Next, three

    items came; in large boxes October 7, 2021. On Saturday,

    October 9, 2021; my chrome tree model parts came. The

    last came; today, October 11, 2021.

         Also, more good news, if you have a credit card; or debit

    cards coming; they come very quickly.

        Remember, there are many things; you don't understand;

    about United States Postal Service; which if you did know;

    you'd say, now I understand.

       They have, your best interests; at heart; so forget, about

   those, so-called articles; that don't know; how secure it is; in

   United States Postal Service.


Friday, September 10, 2021

Asbestos Is Lurking Your House

Asbestos Is Lurking In Your Place 

    You may, wonder how? Your

 blower dryer, toasters, and yes;

  your  oven mitts.

    I know, I was researching; this

  topic; and found why my brand

  new red; teal three sets for $20.00;

  a piece had a yellow triangle;

  which means cancer causing.

    See,  one the governor's jobs; is

 to warn people of any; and all 

 cancer items made; in every US


   So throw away your hair dryer;

 because Asbestos, is in there; unless,

 you like Dying.

   I found out; that Johnson and

 Johnson; had in their Shower To 

 Shower talcum powder. In those

 white Christmas fake snow; and,

children's crayons, from foreign

countries; as well as; children's,

spy private eye kits.

    So you value life; use cotton

oven mitts; check before; you lay,

down you good money. I missed the

chance; last year; so I bag them and 

 throw away.

     My new oven mitts; with pot

 holder, was included, with each one.

 I was so mad. They shouldn't, be 

allowed, to do this. However; they 

think, informing you is enough; even

if, you don't check it out; to see, if it's

safe.  Customx     

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Barbra Eden's Seven Year Contract With 20th Century Fox; Why Relieved Of It?

    Barbra Eden's Seven Year Contract With 20th Century Fox;

                                    Why Relieved Of It?

        When 20th Century Fox signed a seven your contract 

     with Barbra Eden with her first movie in 1957; she also
     was hired out,in television parts. This was for any show,
     before 1962. I Love Lucy Show, Andy Griffith Show, Perry
     Mason, Bachelor Father, anything before 1962 was hired
     out for Barbra Eden.     
          Even though she did these shows; what Lucille Ball
     did for Barbra Eden to stand out as Diana, in Country-
     Club Dance, on I Love Lucy Show; by gluing, pretty
     rhinestones on her gown painstakingly, so she would be
     stunning, would show Lucille Ball; believed in Barbra. 
     After all, if Lucille Ball loved you, you were given; a big
     seal approval; for the general public; to notice you. Not as
     a bit part actor, but a real movie star; since Barbra Eden 
     was one; since 1957. This approval by Lucille Ball, would
     put in the minds and hearts, that she was a woman; to 
     entertain you; and also to be remembered . So, when she  
     was; in the Andy Griffith Show, as The Manicurist; we men; 
     all wanted to have; her do are nails. She was very beautiful;
     and drop dead gorgeous blond; in a poor town. Which was
     like real life; since most of the people; watching on television
     were not rich. Just simple people; watching on a black and 
     white television.
          Barbara Eden was from a poor family, but turned, a bad
     situation; into pearls. So Barbra Eden; understands you  
     being poor, and being ridiculed.
          When we see; Barbra Eden with Elvis Presley; in the
     hit movie Flaming Star; we are routing Barbra Eden on;
     for playing with this very great vehicle; and roll, made for
     her, with Elvis Presley.
          When 20th Century Fox budget; spiraled out of real
     control; not only did Barbra lose her home; she lived for
     seven years, but she was relieved; of her contracts; as so
     as many others too. 
           20th Century Fox; had to sell off acres; off prime real
     estate; to finance Cleopatra movie; played by leading lady;
     Elizabeth Taylor.
          Now Barbra Eden; would have to freelance herself; to
     get jobs in acting.
          As for Barbra; she had to take; what parts, she could
       She made the fun movie; with Tab Hunter in this
     surf movie; Ride The Wild Surf (1964). She played a very
     pretty; spunky girl, who could flip you; with dark brown
     hair and rich red lips. Also Shelly Fabares; was in it; as
     a blond. You love this movie on DVD.

Barbra Eden's Origin Leading To Acting

        Barbra Eden's Origin Leading To Acting

        Barbra Eden was born; Barbra Jean Hoffman;

     on August 23, 1934; in Tucson, Arizona; during 
     The Great Depression.
         Her parents, moved to San Francisco; where she
    grew up.  
         Her parents, were Harrison and Alice Hoffman.
     Her father was a linemen; for the telephone 
         He didn't make much money; because of the
         Her mother was a strict disciplinarian. 
         Barbra have fun; with her mother; at Golden Gate
     Park; and dad, going fishing with him. 
          Her mother and Barbra; did dishes together;
     singing harmony together. They also had fun;
     with classical records.
         When Barbra Jean Hoffman was seven years
     old; she had a wandering eye; and had to wear a
     heavy leather eye patch; and glasses. Because of
     this; Barbra was made fun of; at school viciously.
         To help, her mother said; focus on your singing.
    This helped, forget about wearing; her glasses with
    the eye patch.
         Barbra had a pure voice. So her mother; suggested
    to have singing lessons. 
         Her mother wanted her; to enroll in the class; in
    San Francisco Conservatory of Music.
         However, they had a second daughter; to support.
    But a family friend; gave them the $100 enrollment
    fee; so Barbra could enroll. 
         She practiced hard; on her singing. Guess what? 
    Her mother was there; to give her more tips.
   After singing the songs; to be sung, her mother said
    to her: " you are singing every note; where it ought to
   be; but they don't mean a thing. I think it is time; you
   take up acting." 
        So Barbra took up acting.

Friday, March 19, 2021

Beach Balls. Com Is Hiring Models That Live In Tampa, Florida Or North Of The City For $100.00 A Day

Beach Balls. Com Is Hiring Models In Florida Or North Of The City

    Young girls who meet their qualifications on  will get $100.00 a day;

for two one hour photo shoots. You get paid; as

follows: $40.00 X 2 photo shoots = $80.00 + $20.00

reimbursement to drive yourself there= $100.00.

Yes, you must pay your way for this modeling job.

 Go to

    Look on the lower left corner: " Models Wanted Tampa

Florida Area" !

    You are required to: bring your own swimsuit!

    Wear a bright colorful swimsuit! This will work

    better; with all those colorful beachballs.